Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jo-Ann MacKenzie Is A Corrupt Derry News Editor In Bed With The Londonderry Police

By Barry Stillman

CONTACT INFORMATION FOR: Jo-Anne Mackenzie DERRY NEWS EDITOR 46 West Broadway, Route 102, Derry, New Hampshire. 603-421-3875.

E-mail her at

PRESENTING JO-ANN MACKENZIE the corrupt Editor of the Derry News. We have dedicated this Blog exclusively to JO-ANN MACKENZIE in order to bring to public light the corruption, favors towards police, the inequality of news coverage depending on your scio-economic situation and finally we will profile members of her family and staff in order to provide an expose on who Mackenzie is. This will be a weekly if not daily blog with over ten journalists participating in this effort to uncover the truth.

 The information and stories that will be used as well as any pictures were developed with material and content provided by readers of Mackenzie's  paper, private investigators, public files and insiders who have provided an extremely clear picture on Jo-Ann MacKenzie's corrupt exploits.

                            And so we begin with JO-ANN MACKENZIE

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